1. How much is the Franchise Fee?
The Franchise Fee is $20,000 and is included in the cost of opening.

2. How much are the Royalties?
Royalties are currently estimated in the $300-$600 per week range, but will depend on your unit’s gross sales.

3. What is the Advertising Fee?
Advertising Fees are $150 per week.

4. What is the cost of opening?
Current estimates are in the $170,000 range ($70,000 cash needed), but final costs will depend on the size of the location.

5. What do we do to assist you?
After an agreement has been executed, the Franchisee is provided with Training and Services necessary to successfully open and operate a Prime Pita outlet. We assist with arranging financing, site location, turnkey construction, equipment, use of trademarks and recipes. We also arrange relationships with authorized suppliers, advertising, promotional support and provide ongoing operation support.